Networking and connecting people with passion


What is fCN?

fCN is an exclusive high-­end online and offline society with the aim of generating more business (sales) for it’s members because: “those who can not share, can not multiply”. Membership of fCN makes you part of a unique and valuable business club with well established professionals who favor each other business and to whom mutual sharing of (unique) knowledge and information is already a highly valued priority.

How long does fCN exist?

The unofficial start of the exclusive high‐end network fCN anno 2013 was at least 15 years back in time. The first contacts between the members were in 1996, 1997. The following years the group grew of networking professionals grew. The formalization of the network followed later, at the insistence of the -­ as yet unnamed ‐ network itself, particularly because of the (business) successes that were achieved.

Who is the Founder of fCN?

fCN is an initiative of businesswoman Merlin Melles. The network of fCN has derived from the (charity) galas, exclusive parties and events she (co) organized. Melles laid the foundation of her success at a young age with the founding of her international fashion company A&Q. Between 1995 and 2009 she worked as an interior designer of premises from leading companies. She is now partner of the Amsterdam based asset-management company “Melles and Partners” (, professional organizer of events, stylist, fundraiser, Commissioner and ambassador e.g. Helen Dowling Institute, Dance4Live. Or, as the Dutch glossy magazine Nouveau described Melles:

“How she does it all, is a mystery, but she does it: restyle houses and businesses, travel writings for magazines – the stylish shops where the famous German high‐tech company Loewe presents its product range. But also behind-­scenes efforts to raise funds for the Helen Dowling Institute -­”the mother of all aftercare for (ex) cancer patients and their families’ and so much more.Does she ever say no? No chance with Merlin Melles, a vibrant barrel full of energy and ideas and a network from here to Tokyo (literally!). A network that deepened generous contacts that may be of value to others.

Which contribution fee do I owe fCN for my membership?

Currently € 1098, -­‐ excluding VAT per year (fee subject to change)
Currently $1.200 excluding VAT per year (fee subject to change and currency changes)

How come membership fee amount is very low?

fCN does not want to create any additional barriers for entrepreneurs, but prefers to be a platform for and by entrepreneurs. fCN values that also promising high-­‐potential (starting) entrepreneurs can find their place in fCN. We prefer balloting to take place in a different way than based on the height of the financial contribution fee.

What value will I get for my membership?

  • Access to the private fCN online community for the period of one year
  • Access to contact details (business) profiles from our fCN members
  • Invitations to the high-­‐end, exclusive network events of fCN at prime locations three times per year
  • Optionally we can assist you (intensively) in establishing contact with other members. It is the spearhead of fCN to connect the right people with the right people in all kind of segments and disciplines 
  • fCN provides continuous service to founders to generate more business 
  • Well in advance of a networking event a clear briefing, complete with the names of the visiting members will be shared. You can pre-­‐determine whom you would like to talk / meet with and you may choose fCN assistance on site for a personal introduction 
  • The fCN card that allows access to the network events and that offers a discount at the fCN card affiliates 
  • You are part of a society, which in composition, level, quality and appearance has no equal in the Netherlands

How does the Balloting takes place?

If you would like to join fCN, you can register by using the online application form. After we have received notifications and at first sight you seem to be part of the target audience of fCN, we will invite you for an interview, which preferably takes place at the office location of fCN close to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. If wished for, we visit your company (as well). Within two weeks after this conversation, you will receive a written notification if the membership of fCN can be offered.

Why would I have to join fCN?

You don’t have to of course! But if you would like to increase your sales in a pleasant and relatively simple way, like to discuss business with business people with the same mind-­‐set, like to expand your knowledge and want to ensure an adequate network of people who can help you in many levels, you should have registered long time ago already.

Where can I find the fCN Head Office?

fCN’s Head Office is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Address: Koningslaan 52.

I am a fCN member, but I can not login to the website?

Both your username and your password are capitals-­‐sensitive. Is your “capslock” off (on)? For persistent login problems please send an email to fCN aims to reply emails within 24 hours (working days).

I am a member of fCN, but I forgot my login and / or password lost. What can I do?

In case you have lost your login, your login is the same as the email address you entered during registration. In case you have lost your password: click on the homepage “forgot password”, enter your email address and you will receive a link to reset your password. If all this fails or there are other issues, please send an email to fCN aims to reply emails within 24 hours (working days).

How can I report a non-­‐working link or other errors on the website?

Please send an email to Describe the omission discovered by you as clearly as possible. fCN aims to reply emails within 24 hours (working days).a

Are fCN initiated network events held in Amsterdam only?

No. fCN seeks to spread its network events in terms of location(s) over several cities in the Netherlands. However, the chance that a network event occurs in Utrecht is bigger than in Groningen or Maastricht, given the fact that most of our members are from the “Randstad” region.

Is it obligated to attend all network events?

You are under no obligation. But to get the most out of your fCN membership, joining the network events is recommended.

Can I receive help within fCN to get the right contacts?

Of course! Allow us to help you! Please contact us preferably by email via fCN aims to reply emails within 24 hours (working days).

Can I transfer my (current) fCN membership?

No, you cannot transfer your fCN membership. Given the nature and composition of fCN memberships these are strictly personal.

Can I attend a networking event to see if fCN would work for me?

If you are unsure whether fCN suits to you and/ or your business, please contact us. fCN is a closed society, networking events organized by us are only accessible to members.

I am fCN member and would like to nominate a candidate member. Can I do this?

Of course you could, welcome! Please email his or her contact information to office@fcn-asia.comand if possible, mention why you consider this relevant prospective member to be an asset to the (members of) fCN. fCN aims to reply emails within 24 hours (working days).

Before I visit a networking even, could I inspect the list of RSVP’s?

Certainly. Please mail to fCN aims to reply emails within 24 hours (working days). If you have a specific member of fCN you would like to speak with and who is not on the list, the secretariat may initiate a customized meeting for you.

Does fCN sell (private) information of its members to third parties?

No, we do not. Please see our General Terms and Conditions.

Would fCN like to advertise in our yearbook / my glossy /  during my event?

Probably not. But you can always ask….

If I become a fCN member, is there a chance that my company will receive any Media exposure?

Yes, it is possible, but we cannot guarantee this. In the past, media has given attention to fCN events on several occasions. Besides that, the board of fCN has good relationships with the media. However, fCN is not a media or PR company, but can help to bring your company in contact with e.g. a journalist, as they are a member of fCN as well.

I have a complaint, who can I contact?

Please contact: :

fCN strives to respond to your email within 24 hours.

I`m not an fCN member, but would like to join an fCN –network event, is that possible?
Usually, we do not accept these kind of requests, but please send your request to and we will try our best to see what we can do for you.

How many members does fCN have?

fCN has more than 500 members and is growing. Our members are Quote 500 (high-end magazine in the Netherlands) members, CEO`s, CFO`s and entrepreneurs. All these members are coming from different branches, such as; IT, real estate, investment companies, law firms, healthcare, architects, branding companies and multimedia agencies.

Below a brief summary of the current members:

Interior design
agricultural sector
Tax Offices
Event Agencies
Construction companies
Security companies
Cultural sector
Commercial healthcare agencies
Fashion wholesale and retail
Consultancy companies
Communication agencies
High-tech electronics manufacturers
Energy sector
Export companies
Import companies
Food wholesale / retail
Hospitality / Recreation
Art galleries
ICT sector
Investment companies
Hospitality Industry
Modeling agencies
Air and space industry
Tourism bracnhe
Telecom branche
Jewelry / diamond companies
Employment agencies
Real Estate agencies
Asset management
Insurance companies