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Marion Tjin-Tham-Sjin (41 years old) is the daughter of a Chinese father and a Dutch mother. After her father passed away in 2003, feelings for her Chinese roots became stronger and stronger. This in combination with her International Business Management degree, her extensive experience as an export manager, her love for China and the fact that the Chinese economy is the fastest growing of Asia, made her decide in 2006 to found her own company Splendid China. This company helps European entrepeneurs export their products and services to China. Marion now has offices in both Shanghai and The Netherlands.

Where fCN Asia Network is there for you to create a good network in which business can develop in an atmosphere of trust, fCN Asia Business is there for you to guide you individually to success in China. Think of market research, account management, sales & marketing activities, trading. Highly important is local presence in China! Marion and her team in Shanghai can offer you easy entry by offering workspace and presence at the most popular Chinese social media. Need advice on legal or accountancy matters? Please feel free to contact us!

fCN Asia Network and fCN Asia Business work closely together in order to help you develop your business in China!

Mobile phone number in The Netherlands: +31 6 547 93 759
Mobile phone number in China: + 86 1870 1777 132

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